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The Frontroom
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welcoming inspiring
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About Us

The Frontroom is the gallery space of creative agency The District.

The Frontroom is interested in working with practitioners whose work is of high quality, and quality is something that transcends discipline. It is about a visual quality and a conceptual quality. Work exhibited at the Frontroom is always site specific and aims to cross boundaries of moving image, sculpture, architecture, graphic design, typography, illustration, photography, music, performance art, drawing and painting.

The Frontroom is co-run by us: Matt Bagnall, Alun Shooter and Lisa Wilkens. Our interest ranges from cognitive psychology to graphic art to drawing research. We think, it is this diversity and tension that ensures The Frontroom shows challenging work. We encourage ongoing discourse through artist workshops and dialogues open to the public and we are notoriously asking ‘why?’ And we like to work with artists who are happy to be asked why! Our interest lies in work that is aesthetically and conceptually accessible but has depth. Work that can be challenged. Work that has a reason for being. We are continually learning and struggle to be defined. We are independent and self-funded and as such answer to no-one.  We do what we do because we love it and if we stopped loving it we would stop doing it.

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